April 15, 2020


Silver is the new Gold!!!   

I felt the need for  distinct sophistication and intricate designs combined with impeccable quality that matched my taste in jewellery and others like me. Why Silver? Firstly, because it allows affordability for an ordinary woman who wants to adorn herself with her own distinct style. She may be a housewife, a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, a mother, a daughter, a granny, you or me.. every woman has the right to look good & feel good. We at Enchante’ believe that each woman has her own individuality and identity.. and that’s what we cater to!

Enchante’ Jewellery had it’s Launch Exhibition on October 6th 2013 and marked the beginning of our online store. Receiving an overwhelming response, we made clients from all over Pakistan, the UAE, Houston & Chicago(USA), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). At the moment, we are online only with frequent exhibitions. Among other services, we also provide Cash on Delivery (COD), Gift- wrapped delivery for Special Occasions, after-sales service and consultations. We use 925 Silver (Sterling Silver) with a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Enchante’ Jewellery believes in excellence in quality along with innovation to move with the times and hence the addition of Men’s accessories in our latest collections.


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