Gifting & the Sentiments conveyed through Memorable Presents..


While some of us have a tough time trying to find just the thing to convey our love and appreciation, others seem to find the perfect gifts effortlessly that delight their recipients. The art of thoughtful gifting is what makes you stand out in today’s mechanical world. Expressing your sentiments through gifts that are special make your milestones and occasions memorable.

 Giving gifts is one of the oldest human traditions that dates back to our origin and part of our history,showing that earliest ones were given to express appreciation and praise for achievements. Of course, back then gifts were more primitive;  including things such as an animal tooth, a tree bark or a unique-looking stone, which could then be worn as necklaces or other accessories.

The ancient Egyptians were among the first civilizations to practice the tradition of gift giving, especially on the coronation day of the pharaohs, which mostly included jewelry. The ancient Greeks were the real trendsetters.. Setting up the tradition of celebrating the ‘birth days’, where people believed that evil spirits would haunt the birthday person, so on one’s birthday, people would go and visit that person and bring them good wishes and gifts to protect them and to ward off the evil spirits. They would also light candles for the same reason; blowing out candles and making a wish was a way to send your message to the Gods. So we have the Greeks to thank for our awesome modern day birthday parties!

Each culture has its own unique gifting traditions that may vastly differ from our own. But no matter what, nothing can beat the warmth and love conveyed with a thoughtful gift. So the next time you are wondering where to shop for your loved ones, check out our range of exquisite designs and bespoke calligraphy pieces which make the perfect gifts that are cherished a lifetime! And we will make it memorable with our complimentary gift wrap services.