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June 12, 2021 A Midsummer Nights Dream

      A beautiful ode to designs that bring memories of a bygone era. Classics that are evergreen. For always Pa’zaib/ Anklet: The origin of the anklet dates back to the Mesopotamian era. Anklets originated in the ancient times in Egyptian, Indian and Arab cultures. During those times, women belonging to the royal class […]

January 10, 2021 Gifting & the Sentiments conveyed through Memorable Presents..

Gifting & the Sentiments conveyed through Memorable Presents..   While some of us have a tough time trying to find just the thing to convey our love and appreciation, others seem to find the perfect gifts effortlessly that delight their recipients. The art of thoughtful gifting is what makes you stand out in today’s mechanical […]

Silver is the new Gold!!!    I felt the need for  distinct sophistication and intricate designs combined with impeccable quality that matched my taste in jewellery and others like me. Why Silver? Firstly, because it allows affordability for an ordinary woman who wants to adorn herself with her own distinct style. She may be a housewife, a [...]
April 15, 2020 The Secret Garden
The current situation of the global Pandemic has effected us deeply and as we all seek peace and serenity around us, let me take you to visit my Secret Garden~little treasures from my personal jewellery collection that are close to my heart. Featured here in the first pick: A very delicate silver ear stud in [...]