We design Silver Jewelry and accessories in Sterling Silver, using the best quality of both precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our design philosophy is based on the mantra that Silver is the ‘New Gold’, it allows us to explore, innovate and create wearable, modern jewelry designs for today’s Women. Each piece reflects our commitment to excellence in quality and finish.

The Origins

Enchanté wasn’t a planned journey for Sukaina Abbas, founder, and CEO. But learning essential skills from courses such as WomenX, a World Bank-sponsored course for Women Entrepreneurs and The Mentorship program of The Cherie Blair Foundation UK, Enchanté progressed into a successful, growing brand with a vision.

The Future

Sukaina believes that the path is always challenging, nothing is easy especially something that you start from scratch. It is important to ensure that each experience adds to the learning process because the learning never ends!

“In the end, it’s all about creating something you are fond of, something you can put your heart in, something that’s a source of joy not just for you but for others. For me, it’s an absolute joy to be a small part of other people’s special moments by making memorable gifts they can cherish a lifetime.”

Enchanté is aiming to be a GIA certified jewelry designer brand in the near future.